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Strategy Snapshot

09th May 2018 - 10:44 am

Please join Bernard Doyle, JBWere New Zealand Investment Strategist, for his views on Mergers & Acquisitions, Oil Markets and the US Dollar.

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Quarterly Earnings Update

18th May 2018 - 2:20 pm

Join Andrew Thompson, JBWere NZ Investment Analyst, for an update on quarterly earnings across the US and Europe.

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Our People


John Bodie

An Authorised Financial Adviser, John Bodie provides advice to private individuals and institutional clients on a wide range of financial securities, including derivatives.

Meet John


Lisa Connor

Lisa joined JBWere New Zealand in 2017, specialising in Private Wealth Management.

Meet Lisa


Mark Corlett

With over 17 years in the offshore and finance industry, Mark brings with him a wealth of experience to JBWere.

Meet Mark


Andrew Crombie

Andrew Crombie has been with our JBWere Wellington office since 2006 and provides advice to a range of family groups, charities and private companies.

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Ally 崔颖瑶 Cui

Ally Cui 崔颖瑶 joined JBWere in 2015 specialising in immigration portfolios.
Ally speaks both English and Chinese 国粤语.

Meet Ally 崔颖瑶


Bernard Doyle

Bernard Doyle oversees New Zealand equity strategy and global tactical asset allocation for JBWere’s private and institutional clients.

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Philip England

Philip England has been with JBWere since 2005, arriving with nearly 15 years’ experience gained at a boutique investment advisory in London.

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Michael Ensor

Michael Ensor has been with JBWere since 2004. He is an accredited NZX Adviser and an Authorised Financial Advisor.

Meet Michael

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