The coronavirus pandemic presents complex issues for boards of for-purpose organisations. Many are now under pressure to increase services to their communities whilst their human and financial resources are stretched and fundraising, and other income is potentially at risk. The magnitude of the crisis faced by these boards is unprecedented.

However, amid this uncertainty and disruption boards have an opportunity to reframe their role and make critical contributions to help their organisations respond.

In this paper, we outline seven key areas of focus we believe boards need to consider as they steward their organisations through this crisis. These areas are:

  1. Your People

  2. Your CEO

  3. Clarity of Roles and Responsibilities During the Crisis – Board v Management

  4. Early Organisational Focus

  5. Keeping Finger on the Pulse

  6. Internal and External Communications Strategies

  7. Virtuoso Leadership…not traditional Governance

As the crisis unfolds, Boards will need to think and act in multiple horizons to lead their organisations into the new environment.

In the papers that follow, the JBWere Philanthropic services team will be bringing additional insights to help for-purpose boards act in recovery and beyond and to ensure that they are best able to use their resources to effectively serve their communities into the future.

You can view the full report here or the summary of the questions it raises here.