Commitment to the wider communities has always been at the heart of JBWere’s values and culture.

Thought Leadership - The JBWere New Zealand Cause Report

Growing challenges and emerging opportunities for NZ’s not-for-profit sector, says JBWere’s New Zealand Cause Report

New Zealand’s not-for-profit sector makes a significant contribution to this country’s economy and is vital to our quality of life. Yet there are growing challenges, and also emerging opportunities, to make the sector work more efficiently to maximise impact, says the JBWere New Zealand Cause Report published today.

The JBWere New Zealand Cause Report is the first major in-depth analysis of the state of New Zealand’s $20 billion a year not-for-profit (NFP) sector, tracking its growth over the decade from 2004 and providing a detailed sector analysis.

To read the news release, click here.

To read the full JBWere New Zealand Cause Report 2017, download here.

To talk further about the JBWere New Zealand Cause Report, or about JBWere’s Philanthropic Services expertise, please be in touch with Craig Patrick on 09 365 8918 or email him at

Shares for Good

JBWere is a proud partner of Shares for Good - a charitable home for unwanted shares, that are then sold with the proceeds supporting New Zealand registered charities.

Shares for Good is a pro-bono collaboration between JBWere, NZX, Computershare and Link Market Services. 100% of proceeds from the sale of donated shares goes directly to the recipient charity.

Employee Volunteering

Increasingly, the single biggest barrier to volunteering is finding the time.  Helping our people find that time is just one of the reasons why each year we give our employees two days paid leave to volunteer and contribute to the community.

We believe we have some of the most talented and capable people in New Zealand working for us.   Our people have significant expertise and skills that can be volunteered.

We’re increasingly focused on matching the skills, talents and capabilities of our people to organisations where these skills are needed most. 

The work carried out by our volunteers is varied, general (non skilled) volunteering through to skilled volunteering.

Does your organisation need our volunteers?

We’re looking for volunteering activities that:

  • Can benefit community groups who need unskilled labour, with a focus on participation;
  • Can benefit your organisation through the use of our employees' specialist skills – find out more about skill based volunteering;
  • Can be held on-site at your location, preferably during the working week;
  • Are at easy to get to locations (employees make their own way to the site for each activity);
  • Could be something we bring into our offices for completion;
  • Are safe and supervised; and
  • Don’t involve unsupervised contact with children
  • Are not direct fundraising (such as tin rattling or selling ribbons)
  • Are not activities where the community group are paid for sourcing volunteers (for example athletic/running events)

If you need volunteers for a one-off piece of work, event or on an on-going basis, we would love to hear from you.