About Us

About Us

JBWere was founded in 1840 by Jonathan Binns Were, an English stockbroker who settled in Melbourne and became a leading figure in Australian business activities. Were was known for his ambition, idealism and breadth of vision. He was knighted by the kings of Sweden and Denmark.

Today JBWere is a specialised investment firm that navigates the world’s financial markets for private and institutional investors. We employ more than 450 people across nine offices in New Zealand and Australia. Our people are devoted to delivering first-class advice and services, based on superior knowledge and market research.

Throughout our history, JBWere has actively demonstrated a commitment to social responsibility through giving, volunteering and contributing advice to community organisations.

JBWere (NZ) Pty Ltd (ABN 138 488 418) is registered in New Zealand as an overseas company. JBWere is part of the NAB Group.


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